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Welcome! This website was created on 04 Oct 2005 and last updated on 16 Oct 2014.

There are 355 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Orval, Leonard in 1689. The most recent event is the death of van der Wal, Gerard Pierre Noel in 2010.The webmaster of this site is Sonja De Bortoli. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

About The Orval Family
This is the work in progress of my maternal and paternal family trees. There  are many branches to the tree and many people to thank.

Firstly, I would like to thank Jan Titulaer from Holland whose dedication and  research has made this possible. Jan has provided most of this information to  my grandfather in 1985. This was then given to my mother and now to me.

I would also like to thank Gina Williams and Glenn Van Doren from the United  States of America who are recently discovered relations. They have provided   invaluable information, answering questions regarding the Orvals who  emmigrated to the US.

I would like to thank my mother, Suzanne De Bortoli-Orval who has given me not  only her first hand knowledge of many people in our tree but also wonderful  photographs, articles, bidprentjes and Dutch - English translation.

Please enjoy looking at the Orval family that spans many centuries, countries  and continents.  On a personal note, I must say how very happy I am to have  discovered relations previously unknown to me. Family, no matter how far away,  is still family.

There is still much work to do and many branches to add but please browse from  time to time to see what has been added.

Trees to come: The De Bortoli family, The De Lorenzi family, The Heiden  family and the Janssen family....

Come to think of it, maybe my daughter Bianca will be finishing this.......


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